Oven-Roasted Red Peppers

They are smoky, sweet, and colorful.  Great on pizza, with pasta, in hummus. Red peppers liven up a lot of dishes, and roasted red peppers add another whole level of flavor.  If you like the ones in a jar, then you’ll love these.  But once you try them, you cannot go back to the jars.  And frankly, you shouldn’t.   When peppers look particularly tasty or they are on sale, stock up and make a batch.  You can refrigerate them for a couple of weeks, or put them in the freezer for even longer.

Oven Roasted Red Peppers Recipe

red peppers
olive oil

  1. Remove stickers and wash peppers.
  2. Place sideways on pan and put in oven set to broil.
  3. Watch peppers closely and turn with tongs when the side facing up has blistered and turned black.  This should take about 5 minutes.
  4. Repeat step 3 until all sides have turned black, about 20 minutes.
  5. Put the hot peppers in a bowl and cover with a lid or foil to capture the steam from the peppers as they cool.  This will make removing the skins easier.
  6. Once the peppers are cool, peel the skin and remove tops and seeds.  Do this in a strainer over a bowl so you can capture the juice that drips from the peppers.
  7. If you are not using the peppers right away, put them in a jar and cover with olive oil.

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  1. […] with chicken and pasta.  If you really must, you could use the peppers in a jar, but I recommend roasting your own peppers, which you can even do in advance and have them ready on the night you want to make this pasta. […]

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